Thursday, February 20, 2014


5 Minute HAC Job

Okay, okay, I know that is the worst title of all time... I just couldn't resist. The great news is that this "Five Minute HAC Job" will actually make you look rested and radiant by the time you're done. The same cannot be said for applying this idea to other areas of your life, like DIY projects:)

In the makeup world, HAC stands for "Highlighting And Contouring". Many women think of heavy, detailed versions of this, like Kim Kardashian and her layers of concealer and foundation. Don't get me wrong; she looks amazing, and there is a time and place for it. But HAC-ing doesn't have to be intimidating or take you an hour to put on your makeup in the morning. Here is a simple breakdown involving only a few products:

Here is me without a stitch of makeup on... spots, dark circles, and all:)

My first step is using a concealer/highlighter combo to brighten and correct any areas that are dark or splotchy. By focusing highlighter on the center of our face, you can also fake a little more "I got 8 hours of fabulous rest last night" too. Several brands make a product that both conceals & brightens in one step like L'oreal Lumi Concealer Pen or Yves St. Laurent Touche Eclat. If you feel you need two separate products for more concealer coverage, E.L.F. makes a dual ended concealer/highlighter combo for $3 that is really nice for the price. A cheap, full coverage concealer I love - Maybelline Coverstick is full coverage and has great staying power. Focus on brightening dark areas and highlighting down the center of your face like this:

You can see I wasn't using any precision edged brushes! Remember, this is our Five Minute Face, so keep it simple and just pop it on. Grab a beauty buffer (they have great versions of this magic little sponge at Ulta) and blend, blend blend!

Now on to your contouring - again, I'm not going for perfection here. Use a dark bronzer (make sure it is MATTE, not shimmery, or it will look very unnatural) and go around the edges of your forehead, down the sides of your nose, in the hollows of your cheeks and temples, sides of your chin and down your neck. This is an easy way to camouflage a double chin and fake a chiseled jawline. Benefit makes a bronzer called "Hula" that looks great on almost everyone.

Starting to see things take shape? Don't try to change the shape of your face; just focus on highlighting your best features and making things you don't love recede. Got great cheekbones? Highlight the tops and contour under them to make them pop. Lovely lips? Highlight right over your Cupid's bow and contour a bit under your bottom lip.

Now use a big fluffy brush to blend away all the harsh edges.

That's it!! No need for tons of heavy foundation or advanced training. ANYONE can do this and add pop to your makeup look.

This is with NO other makeup besides the HAC-ing we just did. See how much more glow the skin seems to have?! Add a coat of mascara and a swipe of lipgloss and you are out the door with a clean, bright face.

So what do you think? Ask questions or comment below. Thanks, everyone!!!